Dr. Simo Gustave

Simo Gustave

About Simo Gustave

University of Dschang

Gustave Simo received his PhD in 2001 from the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. He is a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science, University of Dschang, Cameroon. He served as a Visiting Scientist at Bay Paul Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. Simo was Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow at the Division of Functional Genome analysis of DKFZ, Heidelberg. He conducted studies on the animal reservoir of T.b. gambiense, characterization of trypanosomes, transcriptomics of T. brucei. He is collaborating with UMR177 (France), IMT (Belgium), DKFZ and ZMBH (Germany), IRET (Gabon), CIRDES (Burkina Faso), INRB and University of Kinshasa (DRC).

His research involves field studies and basic research. His current ongoing projects are focused on the genetic of tsetse and trypanosomes, drug resistance in trypanosome, miRNA expression and human susceptibility to trypanosome infections.