Dr. Samo Gudo

Eduardo Samo Gudo Jr.

About Eduardo Samo Gudo Jr.

Ministry of Health

Eduardo Samo Gudo is the Scientific Director at National Institute of Health, Ministry of Health, Mozambique, and a medical researcher in the field of Immunology and Virology.

Samo Gudo received a degree in Medicine (MD) at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique in 2003, and PhD in Immuno-retrovirology at FIOCRUZ in Brazil in 2012.

Research focus includes:

  • One Health
  • Emerging Infections Disease
  • Zoonotic Diseases.
  • Co-infection between NTD and HIV

Currently, he is a Post-Doc fellow through EFINTD implementing the project entitled:

Epidemiological and Entomological Investigation of Dengue and Other Arbovirus in 11 Districts in Mozambique”.