The Launch of Tropical Data

The Launch of Tropical Data

Tropical Data, an initiative led by the World Health Organization, is being launched today. Tropical Data provides an end-to-end epidemiological survey support service – from planning and protocol development to training, data processing, health ministry review and approval, and through to application of the survey outputs – to assist national neglected tropical disease programmes. Initially, Tropical Data will focus on supporting trachoma prevalence surveys, but discussions to broaden its remit are already under way.

The team behind the service is a consortium of scientific, technological and implementation partners that made the Global Trachoma Mapping Project – the largest disease mapping exercise ever undertaken – a success. WHO sets standards, provides scientific oversight and protects country interests. The International Trachoma Initiative provides the core data management service to support survey fieldwork. RTI International develops and provides the technology behind the service and supports international training-of-trainers. Sightsavers provides project management, documentation, budgeting and training packages.

For further information, or to get started, please visit the website:

To download brochure, click here.

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