Anne Kazibwe


Anne Kazibwe is a postdoctoral fellow at the Makerere University, Uganda. She earned her MSc and PhD from the University of Glasgow in the field of Molecular Parasitology of Malaria and HAT respectively. She has been a junior fellow on a recently concluded EFINTD project.

Kazibwe has gained experience in conducting and coordinating field surveys in remote areas of the HAT affected regions, supervising the field team, budgeting and appreciating team and networking aimed at working towards a common goal. This was possible with the support and expertise of Enock Matovu, the senior fellow on this project.

This postdoctoral experience has earned her a fellowship from the GHES program to study the transcriptome and metabolome of trypanosome infected wild tsetse flies from Uganda that could lead to drug targets or potential biomarkers associated with trypanosome establishment in the vector.


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