Dr. Hazel H. Hasford


Dr. Hazel H. Hasford holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics. She has amassed more than 15 years of professional experience as a lecturer in the Economics and Business Department at several University Colleges in Ghana, managing and coordinating a diverse range of projects, including those related to alternate livelihoods, value chain advisory, and clinical trials.

Notably, Hazel recently served as a member of the coordinating team for the ANTICOV Clinical Trial in Ghana. Currently she is the Knowledge Exchange Coordinator of the TGHN Ghana hub, Site Manager for the RECOVERY Trial, the Cov-AHS Net Project, SeroMarv Project and SNIP Africa Project. Hazel remains committed to finding avenues to collaborate with agencies and rural communities in efforts to enhance health and nutrition outcomes for marginalized populations. Her aim is to contribute towards improving the overall well-being of these individuals and communities.ad for ARNTD as well as GHID at KCCR. Her role involves communicating work and research findings to partners and the broader community through digital, social, and traditional media.

Dr. Parsram is passionate about bridging the gap between health research, the public, and policy makers through effective communication.


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