Enock Matovu


Ass. Prof. Enock Matovu obtained his PhD in Molecular Parasitology from the University of Bern, Switzerland in 2001. Since then he has continued his work on drug resistance and later diagnostics for African Trypanosomiasis. In 2004, he relocated to the Makerere University, where he was employed as a Lecturer.

In 2008, Enock received the prestigious Royal Society Pfizer Award in recognition of his work on molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in African trypanosomes. The previous year (2007) he had obtained the Joint Third World Academy of Science Award for Young Scientists, for his contribution to Molecular Parasitology. He has vast experience in Human African Trypanosomiasis including surveillance, diagnostics, drug resistance and clinical trials. Under the EFINTD, Enock with Anne Kazibwe have investigated HAT spread into northern Uganda and typed trypanosomes in humans, animals and tsetse. In collaboration with FIND, Enock has to-date executed several projects on novel HAT diagnostics.

He is presently PI of a Wellcome Trust funded project “TrypanoGEN” under the human heredity and disease H3Africa initiative, to investigate the genetic basis for HAT and schistosomiasis susceptibility.


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