Eric Achidi


During the last two decades I have been involved in studies related to malaria in pregnancy and in early childhood. Studies focused on understanding maternal-foetal immune interactions and immunity to malaria in the placenta; dynamics and quality of immune responses in the newborn and in early childhood. In addition, I have been involved in antimalarial drug resistance assessment and clinical trials. Studies focused on conducting in vivo efficacy of first line antimalaria drug choice in the region with the objective of determining the level of resistance so as to provide evidence for policy reforms.

Furthermore, I have been involved in research on malaria and co-infections with NTDs. Studies examined mostly malaria, HIV, helminthes co-infection with the objective of understanding disease interaction and pathogenesis and how these can influence vaccine development. Lastly I have interactions between malaria and nutritional status. Studies addressed the interaction between nutritional status and disease susceptibility and/or protection.


[Professor], [Department of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Buea], [Buea, Cameroon] [2013 till date]
[Acting Dean], [Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea], [Buea, Cameroon] [2010—2012]
[Vice-Dean], [Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea] ], [Buea, Cameroon] [199—2012]
[Vice-Dean], [Faculty of  Science, University of Buea] ], [Buea, Cameroon] [2013 till date]
[Head], [Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Faculty of Health Sciences], [Buea, Cameroon] [200-2005]


[B.Sc (Hons) in Biochemistry][University of Ilorin], [Ilorin, Nigeria] [1984-1987]
[M.Sc in Chemical Pathology][University of Ibadan], [Ibadan, Nigeria] [1988-1990]
[PhD in Chemical Pathology, Immunology Option], [University of Ibadan], [Ibadan, Nigeria]


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