Tariku Jibat


Tariku Jibat is an educator, researcher and consultant with expertise in Veterinary Epidemiology, disease burden analysis and health economics. His main area of interest is the integration of economic, social and epidemiological aspects in disease mitigation to provide practical and feasible tools that support decision-makers in the efficient allocation of resources. He is particularly committed to the development of interdisciplinary frameworks that support appropriate intervention programmes for the control of neglected, emerging and re-emerging, foodborne, zoonotic and trans-boundary diseases. He has a working collaboration with national, regional and international universities, research organizations, professional associations and networks. He has also published over 20 publications.


[Assistant Professor at College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture], [Addis Ababa University], [DebreZeit, Ethiopia] [Dec 2007—to date]
[Lecturerat FacultyofVeterinaryMedicine], [UniversityofGondar], [Gondar, Ethiopia] [Sept 2006-Dec 2007]


[PhD in Animal Health economics and Epidemiology][Wageningen University], [Wageningen, The Netherlands] [2013-to date]
[MSc in International Animal Health specialty in Transboundary Animal Diseases Management][Freie university Berlin], [Berlin, Germany] [2010-2011]
[DVM ,Doctor of Veterinary Medicine],[Addis Ababa University], [DebreZeit, Ethiopia] [2000-2006]


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