Dr. Trudi O’Neill

Trudi O’Neill (Chair)

About Trudi O’Neill (Chair)

University of the Free State

Trudi O’Neill obtained her PhD from the University of Pretoria in 2001 whilst employed at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute. Her research focussed on the establishment of a reverse genetics system for foot-and-mouth disease virus. She joined Ed Sturrock at the University of Cape Town in 2004 as post-doctoral fellow to further her interest in protein structure-function.

In 2008, she joined Albie van Dijk at the North-West University as post-doctoral fellow to focus on the development of alternative rotavirus vaccines. One approach entails the development of a reverse genetics system for rotavirus. A senior fellowship from EFINTD was awarded to pursue this research.

Since January 2012 she is employed at the University of the Free State as senior lecturer. Research interests include rotavirus diversity and vaccine development. She has co-authored 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers.