Fabrice Boyom

Fabrice Boyom is an Analytical biochemist who is the Head of AntiMicrobial Agents Unit focusing on Drug discovery against pathogenic protozoa, fungi, and bacteria.

His team has developed standard approaches to investigate potential anti-infective agents in vitro and in vivo. The team has identified potent antimalarial and antifungal plant extracts. In addition, their recent work has identified highly promising anti-Toxoplasma hits that are currently under hit-to-lead development at the AntiMicrobial Agents Unit.

From their work, they have published over 35 peer-reviewed papers within the last five years.


[Associate Professor], [University of Yaoundé 1], [Yaoundé, Cameroon] [2007—date]
[Senior lecturer], [University of Yaoundé 1], [Yaoundé, Cameroon] [1998—2007]
[Lectuer], [University of Yaoundé 1], [Yaoundé, Cameroon] [1993—1998]


[ScD, Biochemistry][University of Yaoundé 1], [Yaoundé, Cameroon] [2004]
[DSc, Biochemistry][University of Yaoundé], [Yaoundé, Cameroon] [1992]
[MSc, Biochemistry],[University of Yaoundé], [Yaoundé, Cameroon] [1986]


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