Maurice Odiere

Maurice Odiere

About Maurice Odiere

Kenya Medical Research Institute

I am a Senior Research Officer with KEMRI-CGHR/CDC, and Branch Chief, Neglected Tropical Diseases Branch, KEMRI-CGHR/CDC. My formal training is in Parasitology with a background in leishmaniasis, malaria and helminth infections. I have a great interest in host-parasite interactions, parasite biology & Immunology, Nutrition, epidemiology and control of parasitic infections, mapping of NTDs, social science research and research ethics. My focus for the last few years has been studies on human schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminths and tungiasis, and I have worked with renowned scientists including Prof. Daniel Colley (University of Georgia, USA), Drs. Evan Secor, Patrick Lammie and Kimberly Won (US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), and Drs. Diana Karanja and Pauline Mwinzi (Kenya Medical Research Institute).

Specifically, my current research focuses on the geographic distribution, prevalence, intensity and morbidities of schistosomiasis and intestinal worms and how people’s immune systems respond to these infections. I am also evaluating mass drug administration control strategies for schistosomiasis and STHs, the impact of schistosomiasis co-infection with other diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB, and on vaccines. In addition, I am evaluating performance of diagnostic tools as alternatives to Kato-Katz. Our group has been involved in the development of a multiplex bead assay (MBA) that provides a robust approach to the simultaneous analysis of antibody responses to multiple antigens using a single blood sample. In the public health context, this assay platform has the potential to generate an epidemiologic snapshot of community exposures to infections of interest. We have also conducted studies on identification of strategies for strengthening Primary Health Care System in the control NTDs, and qualitative studies towards understating of the socio-economic and cultural dynamics of schistosomiasis.

I am currently a Principal Investigator in a B&MGF-funded study looking at the Public health benefits of integrated control program for schistosomiasis and STHs in western Kenya and a co-investigator in 6 other studies. I am also a part-time lecturer at the Maseno University, one of our local Universities. I have co-authored 14 publications in peer-reviewed journal. I am also an Advisor to the Kenya National School-Based Deworming Program (NSBDP).


[Senior Research Officer], [Kenya Medical Research Institute, Centre for Global Health Research], [Kisumu, Kenya] [2010—date]


[B.Sc in Zoology], [University of Nairobi], [Nairobi, Kenya] [1998—2002]
[M.Sc in Parasitology], [University of Nairobi], [Nairobi, Kenya]] [2003—2006]
[PhD in Parasitology],[McGill University], [Montreal, Canada] [2006—2010]
[Post-Doc], [Kenya Medical Research Institute], [Kisumu, Kenya] [2010—2011]