Dr. Themba Mzilahowa

Themba Mzilahowa

About Themba Mzilahowa

University of Malawi

Themba Mzilahowa is a Senior Entomologist at MAC Communicable Diseases Action Centre, Malawi College of Medicine. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and a fellow of the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium.

His research interest is in understanding the biology and ecology of major mosquito vectors with special emphasis on disease interactions focusing on malaria and Lymphatic fialariasis transmission dynamics in highly endemic areas of Malawi. He is also interested in investigating insecticide resistance profiles in Malawi and its consequences on malaria disease epidemiology and disease vector control.
He is currently a member of the National NTDs Task Force and National Vector Control Committee within the Malawi Ministry of Health and a lead person in monitoring a national indoor residual spray (IRS) programme.