Management Board

Management Board


ARNTD Management Board

Members of the Management Board (with the exception of the ED) are elected by the general membership during the Annual General Assembly meeting for a two-year tenure.The Management Board (MB) has oversight responsibility for ensuring that the ARNTD realizes its objectives, and is responsible for establishing the fundamental values, the ethical principles, strategic direction in which the network will move based on outcomes of consultations held with members at the General Assembly meetings. The MB is also responsible for directly accounting to members, key stakeholders and funders for all activities of the network including spending, and assists the Secretariat in evaluating all areas of the network’s performance. The MB is directly responsible together with the Advisory Board (AB) for appointing the ED.

The MB consists of seven members from diverse disciplines and is led by a chairperson selected from amongst them. Unlike other networks that often have a Scientific Review Board, in line with our objective to operate a lean and non-bureaucratic administrative structure, the ARNTD MB has scientific review capabilities based on its unique composition of scientists. Thus in collaboration with the Advisory Board, the MB reviews the scientific merit of research, training, and other proposals developed for the network.

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